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Where do I start?
Best Tarkov Settings
Important Settings Changes
Critically-High Importance

Optimizing EFT is hard. Unfortunately EFT is a bit unstable. This settings guide will help you increase visibility, improve performance, and gain an overall higher FPS.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map
The Customs Map
Critically-High Importance

Customs is the first map you should learn in EFT. This starting map may be difficult due to veteran familiarity, but it contains important starting task items, low to high tier loot, and serves as a great map to learn Tarkov.

Tarkov Meds
Learn How Medicine Works
High Importance

Medicine in EFT can be complicated to new players. There are different medical states and statuses that require a variety of items that may or may not resolve that condition. This guide will explain each item and break them down into categories.

Tarkov Armor Guide
How Armor Functions
High Importance

Armor in EFT has different aspects that are equally important to understand. This page will explain each in simple terms, as well as give an advanced mathematical overview of how they function.

Tarkov Tips
Gain A Strategic Advantage
High Importance

If you want to start off on the right foot with your gameplay, this is your rulebook. Implement these good habits in your gameplay in order to increase your survival rate, raid profits, and learn to punish enemy player mistakes.

Tarkov AI Guide
Who & What Are the AI
Moderate Importance

There are 4 types of AI in Tarkov- all with different sub-categories. This page will explain all of them in detail as well as how to identify them.

Tarkov Task Guide
Vendor Tasks
Moderate Importance

Tasks in Tarkov are a players most efficient way to level up. Use this guide to gain an advantage and unlock the gear you need.

Tarkov Skill Guide
Player Skills & Attributes
Low Importance

Player skills aren't as important for new players, but they are worth reading over. Over time you will learn how to level and master the use of these skills. This guide just gives you a head start.

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