Settings Guide

Tarkov Settings Guide
Settings Optimization

Optimizations for the application, NVIDIA GPUs, the Tarkov Launcher, and in game settings.

Tarkov Low FPS Fix
Low Priority FPS Fix

A reddit post from 2020 walking you through a possible FPS improvement.

Tarkov Settings Video
Game Download Fix

A Reddit post from 2019 showing you how to force a Tarkov update to download.

Tarkov Settings Help
Refresh Rate Fix

A Reddit post from 2020 explaining a possible fix to enable 144hz+.

Tarkov Best Post FX

Post FX Guide

These Post FX settings increase color saturation to slightly above IRL capacity, increase game clarity, and makes it easier to see in dark areas as well as at night.


The Tarkov Handbook is designed to be an all in one Tarkov guide containing updates, resources, and more- all for your second monitor.