Tarkov Ammo Guide
NFAM Ammo and Armor Charts 

Explore NoFoodAfterMidnight's in-depth ammo and armor charts for detailed information about each round and how they perform.

If you're new, or looking for simplified information, use the simple ammo guide below!

Simple Ammo Guide

12 Gauge ammunition is common among the SCAVs of Tarkov. This ammunition is commonly used by budget players due to the AP 20 Slug's ability to 1-2 shot players wearing class 4 armor or below.

Best vs Armor: AP 20 Slug
Best Value: Flechette
Best vs Flesh: RIP Slug

20 Gauge ammunition is uncommon among PMCs due to its low damage and low utility. You will find this ammo mostly on SCAVs.

Best vs Armor: Slug "Poleva-6U"
Best Value: Devastator Slug
Best vs Flesh: Devastator Slug

Best vs Armor: Barricade Slug
Best Value: Shrapnel 10
Best vs Flesh: Shrapnel 10

Best vs Armor: PBM
Best Value: BZT Gzh
Best vs Flesh: SP7

Best vs Armor: PST Gzh
Best Value: PST Gzh
Best vs Flesh: LRNPC

9x19mm rounds are very common early and late wipe in Tarkov. This ammunition is very effective with AP 6.3 rounds or above.

Best vs Armor: PBP
Best Value: PST Gzh / AP 6.3
Best vs Flesh: RIP

Best vs Armor: ACP AP
Best Value: ACP FMJ
Best vs Flesh: RIP

Best vs Armor: BT (Tracer)
Best Value: PS Gzh
Best vs Flesh: PE Gzh

Best vs Armor: FMJ
Best Value: JHP
Best vs Flesh: Soft Point

Best vs Armor: SS190
Best Value: L191 / SB193
Best vs Flesh: R37F

Best vs Armor: Ap SX
Best Value: Subsonic SX / FMJ SX
Best vs Flesh: Action SX

Best vs Armor: BP
Best Value: SP6
Best vs Flesh: SP5

Best vs Armor: AP
Best Value: EKO
Best vs Flesh: Geksa

Best vs Armor: PPBS Igolnik
Best Value: BT / 7N40
Best vs Flesh: HP

Best vs Armor: SSA AP
Best Value: M855A1 / M856A1
Best vs Flesh: Warmageddon

Best vs Armor: MAI AP
Best Value: PS / BP
Best vs Flesh: HP

Best vs Armor: AP
Best Value: M62 (Tracer)
Best vs Flesh: Whisper

Best vs Armor: M993
Best Value: M80
Best vs Flesh: Ultra Nosler

Best vs Armor: BS
Best Value: PS / BT
Best vs Flesh: BT (Tracer)

Best vs Armor: PS12B
Best Value: PS12B
Best vs Flesh: PS12A

Best vs Armor: AP
Best Value: FMJ
Best vs Flesh: TAC-X

Ammo FAQ:

  • What is "Damage"?
    The term "damage" on NFAM's ammo guide, linked at the very top of the page, refers to the amount of damage that is inflicted to your PMC when there is no armor to absorb or mitigate any damage from the round. This term could also be called "Flesh Damage".
  • What is "Penetration" (Pen Value)?
    Penetration, pen., or pen. value all refer to what is called the ammo penetration value. This value determines how efficiently an incoming round will penetrate your armor and how much armor damage will be applied to the inflicted armor piece.
  • What is "Fragmentation Chance" (Frag %)?
    Fragmentation is when an incoming round will fragment, split into 2 or more pieces, on impact. When this happens in Tarkov, the round will deal 50% more damage to the impacted entity. Fragmentation chance is currently bugged in EFT and the chances of fragmentation are currently lower than their assigned chance implies. Any ammunition with a fragmentation chance less than 20, will not fragment. 
  • What does "Recoil" mean on ammunition?
    When inspecting ammunition, the "recoil" value represents the recoil index of that round. This value will either increase or decrease the recoil of your weapon when this round is fired.
  • What is Effective Distance? (Eff. Dist.)
    Effective distance is the distance when the fired round has lost 25% of its damage and penetration. It is best to be under this effective distance value when selecting ammunition.
  • What does "Maximum Headshot Distance" really mean? (Max HS Dist.)
    This is maximum distance you can instantly kill another PMC with a headshot with this type of ammunition. If the target is over this distance, you may not kill them with a headshot.

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