Head of the Trauma Care Department of the Tarkov Central City Hospital.

- Medical supplies
- Food
- Information
- Keys
- Cases

Lvl 1 - Player Level 0
Lvl 2 - Player Level 13
Lvl 3 - Player Level 24
Lvl 4 - Player Level 35

Prapor Task Guide

Find 3 Salewa kits.
Operation Aquarius
Find the water & kill SCAVs on Customs.
Sanitary Standards
Find gas analyzers.
Find morphine in raid.
Retrieve a case from dorms.
Car Repair
Find spark plugs and car batteries.
Hippocratic Oath
Hand over money.
Disease History
Obtain medical records from Reserve.
Supply Plans
Obtain a secure folder from Woods.
Health Care Privacy
Parts 1 - 5
An Apple A Day...
Hand over 400,000 RUB.
Reach Health skill 10.
Private Clinic
Find a LEDX and Ophthalmoscope.
Decontamination Service
Kill 40 SCAVs on Interchange.
General Wares
Turn in 15 cans of beef stew.
Part 1 - 3
Postman Pat - Part 2
Hand over the letter.
Out of Curiosity
Find the chemical transport.
Trust Regain
Turn in keys to Therapist.
Find and turn in valuable medical items.
Seaside Vacation
Find the informants briefcase.
Lost Contact
Find the lost group.

The Tarkov Handbook is designed to be an all in one Tarkov guide containing updates, resources, and more- all for your second monitor.