The Warrant officer in charge of supply warehouses on the sustaining base enforcing the Norvinsk region blockade. Secretly supplied the BEAR PMC operators with weapons, ammunition, and various other provisions he had at his disposal during the Contract Wars.

- Post-Soviet Bloc weapons
- Ammunition
- Grenades
- Magazines
- Weapon Modifications

Lvl 1 - Player Level 0
Lvl 2 - Player Level 15
Lvl 3 - Player Level 26
Lvl 4 - Player Level 36

Prapor Task Guide

Kill SCAVs on Customs.
Obtain the bronze pocket watch.
Search Mission
Find Prapor's missing convoy.
Shootout Picnic
Kill SCAVs on Woods.
Delivery From The Past
Obtain the secure case from the directors office.
BP Depot
Mark the tanker trucks on Customs.
The Bunker
Explore the underground bunker.
Parts 1 - 2
Bad Rep Evidence
Obtain the secure folder from the bunkhouse.
Ice Cream Cones
Find three 5.45x39mm 60-round magazines.
No Place For Renegades
Eliminate 5 raiders.
Find the military documents on Reserve.
Postman Pat
Obtain the letter in Factory.
Parts 1 - 2.
Shaking Up The Teller
Find the case in the dorms building.
The Punisher
Parts 1 - 6.
Mark the trading posts on Shoreline.
Kill PMCs with grenades.
Kill PMCs at night.
Test Drive
Kill PMCs with special gear.
Part 1.
Perfect Mediator
Reach level 4 loyalty with all traders.
Polikhim Hobo
Kill SCAVs on Customs.
Regulated Materials
Hand over a military battery,
Big Customer
Find the transport with the chemicals.
No Offence
Turn in 10 M67 grenades.
Capturing Outposts
Kill PMCs in varying locations.
Kill SCAVs.
Kill PMCs on different maps.
Easy Job
Mark and secure the helicopter at the water treatment plant.
Parts 1 - 2.
Our Own Land
Kill USECs on the map Lighthouse.

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